Sunday, January 10, 2016

Why Write a Blog

Why another blog ? Are n't there enough in the blogosphere? Even I have another one where I journal my agony and ecstasy as a jewelry artist/entrepreneur. Then why start another one?

Here, I want to share my experience, resources, struggle as a writer.  Writing is a solitary thing, it gets lonely and cold some times.  And you look for support.  You want to give the same  to fellow writers.  You want to communicate with your readers, other fellow writers.

Who are they, I wonder sometimes.  Are there any one at all?  At times I  wake up from night mares that there is no one reading my writing, no one cares to know what I had to say.  There is no point in writing then.  Really?

But I do have a story inside which like a  caterpillar  is  struggling to break out from its cocoon. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

You need a Club

The most exciting thing that happened today is that I am a member of the California Writers Club now.   I got the little card in the mail and holding it I was feeling so thrilled.  It is the same club that  was formed by Jack London, one hundred years ago!

An informal gathering of Jack London, poet George Sterling and short story writer Herman Whitaker,  among others formed the Press Club of Alameda in 1909 and eventually the California Writers Club was incorporated in 1913.

Early honorary members were John Muir, Joaquin Miller, the first California poet laureate Ina Coolbrith and later Mark Twain, Gertrude Stein and the famous historians Will and Arial Durant visited.

Today, 107 years old, this Club has 21 branches throughout the state of California with nearly 2000 members and I am one of those who strive to write.